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Neat book report on bone! June 5, 2013

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tyler made a neat book report today on BONE!


Long division May 31, 2013

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We are Learning long division and we one of our students did a huge one.

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Science Mammal Field Guides May 30, 2013

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you are going to be making a guide on mammals.  you will need the following information:

  • common name of animal
  • scientific name of animal
  • a description of the animal (size and color)
  • what it eats ( bonus for herbivore, carnivore or omnivore)
  • where it is found (northern wi, southern, near rivers etc…)
  • fun facts about this animal.
  • a PICTURE OF THE ANIMAL – no goofy photos! remember we need to use this for identification!!!
  • a PICTURE OF THE ANIMAL’S TRACKS –in case we don’t see the animal we need to see its tracks!

use field guides if you can! they are WAY MORE AWESOME THAN WIKIPEDA!





Mammals of WI –from the DNR

Animals of WI



Field Guide Project May 29, 2013

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you are going to make a field guide to all the Trees in the outdoor classroom.  each student will be in charge of a single tree.  Mr. Briggs will assign the trees to you.  make sure to include the following things:

  • common name of tree
  • scientific name of tree
  • description of the tree
  • where is is found (in cold places, warm places, dry places wet places etc.…)
  • what it is used for or interesting facts about it.

remember, quality counts, make sure that you use your own words to make this project and not copying and pasting.  once all the writing is done you may find:

  • a picture of the whole tree
  • a picture of a leaf (make sure this is VERY CLEAR)
  • a picture of it’s seeds or flowers.




Division Songs and Lessons May 16, 2013

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here are some songs about long Division.

Remember Mr. Briggs’ division cheer?



Well, it turns out there are a LOT of songs and lessons on long division.  here are a few:

Karl Roemer Division Song


Division Superheroes


Division Rap


And some more ‘serious’ lessons if you need help:

long division

long division with Mr. Kahn

long division cartoon



Without remainders

with remainders


week 27 language

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here are the vocab slides for this week:

here is our spelling list

week 27 words

here is an awesome picture



Long division May 15, 2013

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This week in math we are learning all about long division. Here is Mr. Briggs’s lesson on long division.

basic long division